'DOKODEMO Door Trip'

An overwhelming feeling of immersion

Enjoy easy communication with guides from around the world using our AI translation system!

Visit famous tourist spots with friends and family!

​Best scenes selected from "Dokodemo Door Trip"

VR tour videos from guides around the world have arrived!

Full of highlights from around the world

I wonder where else we can go!

​How to Join 'DOKODEMO Door Trip'

How do I get to the tours?

If you are not satisfied with the tour of GuideMeetup Course, we will refund you!

If you are not satisfied with this service (limited number of refunds allowed)

IIf you are not satisfied with the tour you participated in, please submit a refund request form from here and state the reason.

We will give you a full refund for the tour in question. (Please note that if you do not state the reason for your dissatisfaction, we cannot refund you.)

Also, if the network connection is unstable despite the required line speed (a constant downlink speed of 20Mbps or higher) being met, please submit a refund request form from here, and we will issue a refund.

In the above case, please attach proof that the line speed was more than 20Mbps (please make sure we can verify the date, time, and speed) to the form.

Refunds will be issued up to two times, and guests who receive a second refund will not be allowed to use the service for one year afterwards.​

Refund Form

If you were unable to participate in a tour due to problems involving the system/guide (unlimited number of refunds allowed)

If the criteria below are applicable, please submit a refund request form from here. We will issue a full refund for the tour in question. (Please be sure to state what happened and on which tour.)

[Grounds for unlimited refunds]

①The guide does not appear at the tour (no show) at the designate tour time

② Your voice is not transmitted to others even if the page is refreshed three times in a row.

Refund Form



New "WorldRambler" subscription option for smartphones and PCs

With the start of support for Android smartphones, we are offering a new subscription option for "WorldRambler" for smartphones and PCs (980 yen per month)! ■ "World Rambler VR High-Quality Course" (3,000 yen per month) ■ "World Rambler Smartphone/PC Course" (980 yen per month)


Holiday Closing Notice

Our office will be closed from May 3, 2022 to May 5, 2022 .
We will respond to inquiries from May 6.
Thank you for your understanding.


Holiday Closing Notice

Our staff have day off from 30th December 2021 to 4th January 2022. We will respond to your inquiry from 5th January. Thank you for your understanding.