What is VR Sickness?

When viewing VR content in the Metaverse, some people may be affected by the phenomenon known as VR Sickness, which is closely related to motion sickness.
Here we present some information about VR Sickness, some ways to help alleviate it and a sample video you can view to determine how susceptible you may be to the negative effects of VR Sickness.

What is VR sickness?

Virtual reality sickness is closely related to motion sickness, and can affect everyone differently, with some people being more susceptible to its effects than others. Some people are only mildly affected, and others can become quite ill.

[Click here for VR Sickness sample video]

*Please refrain from taking part in VR tours when you are not feeling well. If you experience VR Sickness during a tour, do not continue.

Methods of dealing with VR Sickness

We asked many experienced Travel DX's Metaverse Trip users from around the world for their suggestions on how to deal with VR Sickness.

Their responses are recommendations can serve as a good reference for alleviating the effects of VR Sickness, should you be unfortunate enough to experience them.

On your first VR Tour

The following are some tips for beginners to deal with VR Sickness.

・Using a chair that swivels, move your body in the same direction as the image you are watching (by matching visual information with body information, the effects of motion sickness-related VR Sickness can be reduced)
・Even if the the effects of VR Sickness are severe at first, your tolerance of the effects of VR Sickness may improve as you participate in more VR experiences and become used to VR.

Fast-moving VR images

Here are some methods for dealing with the effects of VR Sickness caused by images where the screen shakes violently up and down, or by images that frequently zoom in and out.

・Look for cues for upcoming scenes that may cause VR Sickness such as curves or fast-moving vehicles to anticipate the direction in which movement will occur.
・Focus on the horizon or distant points in the image
・If you find that you are suffering from sudden intense or severe VR Sickness, change your browser viewfrom VR to 2D .
・In scenes with intense movement, momentarily close your eyes until the scene passes.

【How to change to 2D view flat image

You can switch your browser view from VR to 2D by pressing the reload button on the upper right corner of the tour screen.
When using an Android device with a VR headset, click the ✕ at the top left-hand corner of the screen to return to the normal Chrome browser view.

Disorientation or Discomfort

In locations where you experience disorientation or discomfort when looking to the left and right, or a feeling of claustrophobia when in tight, enclosed spaces.

・Don't move your head quickly, but ensure your head movements are slow and measured.
・Consider chewing gum when taking the tour, or taking motion sickness medicine before participating.

VR Sickness sample video

This is a sample VR video to help you determine your susceptibility to VR Sickness in the Metaverse. The potential for VR Sickness gradually increase from "beginner" to "advanced," so please stop viewing the video as soon as you feel sick.

The level that was displayed on the screen before you began to feel sick (beginner, intermediate 1 to 3, advanced) indicates your level of tolerance to VR Sickness.

▼ VR Sickness sample video

【How to watch the video】

How to watch method 1: Attach the above URL to an email and send it to the email registered to your Meta Quest 2 account. Open the email in your Meta Quest 2, and click the link.

How to watch method 2: Click the URL above directly in your Meta Quest 2 browser or Android Device Chrome browser when using a VR headset.

▼ The VR Sickness Ratings can be seen on the tour reservation page

You can easily check the VR Sickness Rating of any given tour on the reservation page for each tour.

▼VR Sickness Rating

Only applicable when using a VR headset such as Meta Quest 2 or an Android Device with a VR headset.

[Beginner] There is no need to worry about VR Sickness.
[Intermediate 1] There are some parts that may make people who are susceptible to VR Sickness feel ill when participating wearing a VR headset.
[Intermediate 2] There are some parts that may make people who are susceptible to VR Sickness feel ill when participating wearing a VR headset
[Intermediate 3] There are some parts that may make people who are susceptible to VR Sickness feel ill when participating wearing a VR headset
[Advanced] If your susceptible to VR Sickness, there are parts that will make you feel ill. Please participate in the tour using 2D view or using a PC.

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