• April 25, 2022

6 Virtual Walking Tours that can help you to plan your next trip

Before 2020, trying an online travel experience wasn't something most people thought of.

"Virtual Walking Tours? Nah, I would rather visit the place in person," said many of us, until three months into the pandemic and lockdowns.

In May 2020, according to the Google trends website, Google searches for virtual tours skyrocketed when the world shut down.

On one side, people were lonely in locked-down apartments, and on the other side, tour guides were the most affected, having to find ways to adjust their business, and for most, that has meant taking their tours online.

Used as an alternative to in-person travel during pandemic times, virtual walking tours are not going anywhere, because nowadays they have become a new tool for planning.

Virtual tours remove the limitations that in-person travel had and have become a solution for those of us that gave up traveling abroad because of a physical condition, insecurity, time, money, etc.

How virtual tours can help you to plan your next trip

Clarity. If you are not sure where to visit, you can get inspired for future plans. The advantage is you can explore many places in a way that is affordable and then decided where you want to spend your money for an in-person international trip.
Save time. Make the most of your time by using VR trips to gain insight into the cities of your choice, saving you time on hours of research. VR travel can also help you to arrange the logistics necessary to include places in your itinerary.
Local connection. That personal connection with another person—even online—will help you to ask many questions that will give you a glimpse of what life is like in the country through local eyes in the destinations you plan to visit.
Discover Hidden Gems. Maybe you feel insecure about exploring non-tourist places, but with a local expert, you can take part in virtual tours of places that are not on tourist maps, even before you are in the country.

Here are some of the popular virtual walking tours from DOKODEMO Doors to inspire, connect, and provide cultural insight for your next big trip.

Virtual Walking Tours That You Can Experience

DOKODEMO Doors Trip runs virtual walking tours with compelling experts all around the world every day.

1. USA: Seattle Walking Tour

For less than $10, explore the Amazon headquarters, Pike Place Market and a Boat Cruise.

Kazu, the tour guide, will accompany you for 60 minutes to see the urban campus of Amazon, a company that transformed the city.

He will also take you to "the soul of Seattle," Pike Place Market, which has been a defining Seattle icon for more than a century, and explore other interesting spots of the city.

After taking this VR tour, some of the trippers that had already visited Seattle wanted to go back again.

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2. UK: Stonehenge prehistoric rocks, walking tour

Your tour guide Stefan will take you on a roughly 30-minute walking tour of one of the most famous landmarks in the United Kingdom—Stonehenge— which is regarded as a British cultural icon.

Recommended for those that don’t mind a cloudy and calm tour but want to discover the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world, full of ancient energy.

The guide included a bonus in the tour: a short walk in Basingstoke, the birthplace of famous English novelist Jane Austen.

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3. Argentina: Walking on the 212 km salt flats in Salta

Matias will take you to explore the incredibly large salt flats of Argentina.

In just 30 minutes, you will see the natural landscape of this place, which is basically soil formed by crystallized salt . Feel the crunchy sound of walking in salt and see the salt pools.

Here many visitors take advantage of the scenery to do some trick photography.

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4. New Zealand: Aoraki/Mount Cook Hooker Valley Hiking

At the foot of New Zealand's highest peak of 3,724 meters (12,218 feet). It is a tour to walk to Lake Hooker while appreciating the superb view of Aoraki Mount Cook, "World Heritage Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, Hooker Valley Track." What is so popular is the spectacular scenery that cannot be described in words and the appearance of untouched nature.

Not only will you enjoy the spectacular VR trip, but you will be with Mitchy, who has guided this tour as a hiking guide for more than 8 years.

It is a 60-minute tour with a lot of learning about the history of this area, glaciers, and the culture of New Zealand.

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5. France: Cannes Film Festival

Festivals usually have specific dates and most of them are yearly events.

Definitely a great opportunity to be able to experience them online and then decide whether you would like to visit.

For example, Cannes is a seaside town on the French Riviera, famous for its international film festival.

In addition to the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, Sebastien will guide you to where you can enjoy the boulevard La Croisette with its luxurious hotels, the cityscape of the old town, and the beach under the clear blue sky.

Come and visit during the week of the festival!

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6. Germany: Schwerin Castle (Interior and Gardens)

Anita and Lucas will guide you to discover one of the most beautiful castles in Europe while they will tell you stories about witch hunting and royal paintings.

Over 25 minutes and for just $15 you can walk through richly decorated chambers and learn about the history of this place.

You will be overwhelmed by the luxurious interior of the German castle.

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Important note: When you are on the tour page and see the section Choose from available dates and if the message indicates "Tour has no available itinerary," make sure to click "Suggest Preferred Schedule" at the bottom to request your tour.

Now, if you read the list above, there are popular and also lesser-known destinations, and there is a reason why.

All the tours are guided by local guides that have experience in the popular destinations, but can also take you the off-the-beaten-track.

The idea was to give you some examples of the variety of walking virtual tours that are selected by our tour guides around the world and are available on our platform, where you can interact with a real human being behind the screen.

Have you already used a virtual tour as a planning tool?

If the answer is NO, now is the time to get inspired and start to plan your next trip—virtually first and then in person later.