Questions and Answers for First Time Users

How well does the translation work?

Speaking slowly and clearly results in a high probability of accurate translations being displayed.

As you are speaking through a microphone, if your voice is too quiet, too fast, or if you speak in dialect, it may not be able to translate it. Speaking in an easy-to-understand manner is important for the AI translation function.

Can you really talk to people in a foreign language in real time?

Yes, the other party's spoken words will be translated and displayed in front of you in about 1 to 4 seconds.

How long are the guided tours?

Depending on the guide, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes just to view the footage of your VR trip.

If you chat with the guide after the tour, it can be longer.

The length of the entire tour depends on the participants and the guide, and some people keep talking unless the guide finishes the tour.

How much is a guided tour?

The fees for the GuideMeetup guided tours are not uniform, and the rates are set by each guide.

What kind of people are the guides?

The guides hosting the tours are diverse.

Some have been professional tour guides for decades, while others are interested in the digital transformation of travel and becoming guides.

One of the popular aspects of 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip' is the unique perspectives of both professional and non-professional guides.

Be sure to experience tours with curious guides from all over the world.

The reservation page contains photos and comments from the guide who is in charge of the tour.

Is the trip live (live broadcast)?

The footage of the trip is not live, but the guides guiding the tour are from the local area.

Can I use a smartphone or tablet?

While not recommended, some Guests do use smartphones, but miss out on the immersive qualities of VR.

Can anyone participate?

Yes, anyone, young or old, male or female, can participate in 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip'.

*Some VR headsets have a minimum recommended age.

For example, the minimum recommended age for use of Meta Quest 2 is listed as 13 years old.

What should I do if something goes wrong during the tour?

Please click the ''PC'' button below when joining the tour with PC.

Please click the ''Quest 2'' button below when joining the tour with Meta Quest 2.

Precautions before starting the tour