'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip' Usage Examples

Enjoy 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip' with family, friends, or lovers who are far away.

By joining a tour together, you can have the same travel experience in the same space while having a conversation next to family, friends, or lovers who are far away in reality.

'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip' allows you to enjoy an extraordinary date saying ''Next time, let`s meet at that tour spot'' and actually meeting in VR.

​Talk to people outside of your company!

Enjoy tours when you're tired from work, when you want to chat with people other than those you always meet, or when you simply want a new encounter.

One of the attractions of 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip' is that you can chat with the people you meet on your VR Trip.

Talking with your fellow travellers on the same trip is also a good way to relieve stress!

School trips with Friends

Perfect for those who want to give the gift of a trip around the world to those children who couldn't go on a school trip with their friends...

With 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip', kids can enjoy the tour destination together with their friends in VR.

Likewise, adults wanting to re-experience the fun of a school trip can invite school friends and enjoy visiting the places they visited as children again.

And if you want to feel the excitement of a school trip again, you can invite your classmates to visit the places you visited when you were a student and reminisce about your school days in VR.

For elderly people who had given up on travel

Go to places which you always wanted to go to, or re-visit places you have been in the past. 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip' makes you feel like you are actually at the local spot while staying in your room.

​It is a great gift for elderly families.

Experience and learn about history

There are some things which you only learn after visiting the spot in question.

Things become clear at a glance if you can see with your own eyes how far away places are, how they are connected, how much time has passed, and how long it took for it to become like it is now.

A real trip that requires time and money in the days of being busy with life.

In busy, everyday life, a real trip requires both time and money.

However, with 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip', there is no need to pay for hotels or the flight from your home.

You can follow the flow of time around the world with your eyes.

Learn foreign languages

During 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip', local guides speak foreign languages, which are translated into real-time using AI, with the subtitles displayed within VR.

If you want to learn the local language, you can try using it in conversations with the local people.

​If you don't understand, turn on the translation and use Japanese.

Learning languages as you enjoy traveling is one of the ways in which you can learn from 'Travel DX's Metaverse Trip'.