Travel DX's VR Trip

Full of Originality
Travel DX's VR Trip

'Travel DX's VR Trip' is different to the various VR Trips available around the world, wherein users simply look at a video.

There are a lot of VR Trips where guides from both in Japan and overseas guide you around your travel destinations.

​But 'Travel DX's VR Trip' is full of originality, allowing 100% enjoyment of their VR Trips.

How 'Travel DX's VR Trip' is Different

Two ways to enjoy the VR trip

There are two VR trip courses in 【Travel DX】.

One is the "GuideMeetup" course, in which local guides from around the world guide on real-time with VR footage of the tour. The other is the "WorldRambler" course, in which you can freely watch the tour VR footage whenever you want without a guide.

Detailed information on WorldRambler courses is provided on this page. Please take a look at it.

Communication using real-time translation using AI.

'Travel DX's VR Trip' comes with real-time AI translation. Even if the tour guides are not Japanese speakers, subtitles will be displayed which translate that person's language into Japanese using AI.

On the guide's side, any Japanese spoken by the guests will be displayed in their own language.

In other words, users with different mother tongues can talk and be guided around using the real-time translation system.

Users can view videos other than the tour video on the shared screen

Inside 'Travel DX's VR Trip', guides can share their favorite images or videos with participants using the shared screen.

For example, guides can show users maps of the tour destination or photos which they want to add to the tour, or they can enjoy music and videos with users on YouTube.

The Guides can also turn on their video and as they chat with users.

Enjoyment is doubled because you can freely show different content within VR.

Unique travel destinations

The tour destinations 'Travel DX's VR Trip' offers are places which our guides recommend. These are special spots which locals who are familiar with the area choose and filmed themselves, with the desire of introducing the area to new people.

Since the guide filmed the spot themselves, they are particularly enthusiastic about it.

If you have any questions, the guide will answer them on the spot. (Of course, sometimes the guide may not know the answer to your question.)

Selected tours from more than 100 famous sightseeing spots around the world

Selected tours from more than 100 famous sightseeing spots around the world. From major tourist spots to relatively unknown places which only the guides know about, there are plenty of places for which tours aren't offered by travel agencies.

Travel destinations are steadily increasing as guides from all over the world keep filming new spots every day.

'Travel DX's VR Trip' will continue to announce new tours going forward.

We hope that users look forward to seeing which tour destinations will be available next!

Make friends in VR!

Currently, there are more than 400 people in the 'DOKODEMO Door' community on Facebook, where users enjoy listening to tour reviews and interesting new stories every day.

The trippers are mostly people who met during their trips.

They now enjoy 'Travel DX's VR Trip' by asking friendly, like-minded people, "How about we go to that place next time?", and "Who would like to come to...?".

Feel free to take a look at Facebook community to get an idea of what it's like.